TakeIt, Clean Your Home with a Static Website Generator

Saturday, March 08, 2014

We all have enough stuff. What if you could catalog it for your friends to take their picking?

TakeIt works with images like Jekyll works with Markdown files. Add a image of what you have lying around and TakeIt builds a static site with the name of the image as the name of what it is you are selling. Clicking on an item opens up a new email filled out with Square Cash for zero-fee next day payment processing.

TakeIt is not a shopping cart or for you to make a store. It is for you to get an idea of what you having lying around that you would rather your friends be able to enjoy. Face it: you are not going to read that book again.

Check out the demo


  1. Rename config-sample.yaml to config.yaml and fill out all the variables with your information.
  2. Put image files in the images/ directory.
  3. Build your page by running rake in the Terminal.
  4. Upload the contents of site/ to your web server.

Customizing the Layout

page.html Variables

post.html Variables

Advanced Usage

Launch Center Pro

Give on TakeIt - If you have TakeIt installed in Dropbox, you can use an app like Launch Center Pro to take a photo and automatically save the image in /TakeIt/Images.

URL Action: launch://dropbox/addphoto?attach=photo&path=%2FTakeIt%2FImages&name=[prompt:Name].jpg&quality=90