Jakeloo, Tumblr Theme

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A clean theme for your Tumblr


Copy and paste the contents of jakeloo.txt in to the Edit HTML section when customizing your blog on Tumblr.

What is Jakeloo?

I don’t know. It’s some word I read in a Raymond Chandler novel that had my name, Jake, in it.

Oh, you meant the theme. The theme is a minimal theme perfect for text and link blogs. It is very similar to a Daring Fireball or a Marco.org but for your Tumblr.

Who Is This For?

For people who want to write and share things they are passionate about. The focus of this theme is on the text, not animated gifs and YouTube videos. (While it does do those things, it probably will not do it as good as other themes.)


Questions? Help? Bugs?

If you have any questions or problems whatsoever please drop me a line. Just email jakeloo@jakebilbrey.com