Fever Filter, Remove Junk from RSS

Friday, March 15, 2013

RSS feeds can be overwhelming. Let’s tone down the noise. This filter will mark items as read that you do not want to see.

This is made for Shaun Inman’s Fever


Say I want to only see updates from the Penny Arcade feed when they post a new comic, I can set up a filter to exclude their blog posts.

filter("Penny Arcade",array("News Post:"));

But what if I want to get rid of something from all the feeds? I have included a select all to do just that. With this line of code any sponsored post will be hidden.



Just go to functions/fun.core.php and give it access to the MySQL database where Fever is located.

Then set up a CRON job to curl the fever-filter.php. The one below is set to run every five minutes.

00,05,30,45 * * * * curl -L -s http://example.com/fever/filter/fever-filter.php