FeededTweets, Twitter in your RSS Reader

Friday, December 05, 2014

Keep up with your Twitter stream by putting it in your RSS reader. Incredibly simple, incredible useful. You can get just the links or just your mentions. Oh, and it supports inline photos and regex filtering. Regex filtering? Yes, you heard me.

Oh, and you probably don’t want to put this where people can stumble upon it.



  1. Create a new Twitter app (make it read-only)
  2. On the Keys and Access Tokens, geneate your access token.
  3. Put all the tokens and secrets in feededtweets.rb
  4. Configure all the things you want to configure in feededtweets.rb

Now you want to put this someplace where it is always running. Here’s how you would deploy to Heroku.

  1. Save your configuration: git add . && git commit -m "I configured stuff"
  2. Install the gems: bundle install
  3. Create a Heroku app: heroku apps:create APP-NAME-HERE
  4. Push it to Heroku: git push heroku master