Gif Library

Sunday, July 05, 2015

PHP Apache Directory Index for Gifs

Original directory grabbing and outputting by someone else. I wish I could remember so I could cite it.


You can see my Gif Library at MyHot.Pics


To customize this library for you, you will need to set the $libraryUrl variable in .index.php to your website’s URL. Optionally, you can set the name of your library ($libraryName) and the default search box text ($librarySearchText).


The gifs folder has a bunch of .files so the folder appears empty. Place this directory in an Apache server and it’ll take over the directory listing. Drop in some gifs and you got yourself a Gif Management System. Look at you, gif-ing things done.


Example: /?format=html&limit=100&offset=0&q=Adventure+Time

On NSFW Gifs

By default I have it set up that if a gif filename contains NSFW, it will not show up on the main page of the website. If you want NSFW gifs, you will need to search for it.